CWMT2017 MT Evaluation

I. General Introduction

The 13th China Workshop on Machine Translation (CWMT 2017) will be held at Dalian, China on September 27-29, 2017. CWMT 2017 will continue the ongoing series of machine translation (MT) evaluation campaigns. Compared with the previous evaluation (CWMT 2015), there are several changes in the evaluation plan:

1. The Chinese-English and English-Chinese news translation tasks are co-organized by CWMT and WMT2017; participants for the zh-en and en-zh tasks of WMT 2017 are welcome to submit their results to CWMT, and to participate the CWMT event, as well.

2. A new Japanese-Chinese patent domain translation task is added, which is co-organized by CWMT and Beijing Lingosail Technology Co. Ltd.; we also welcome other contributors from industry to participate in the organization of the evaluation in the future.

3.The training period starts immediately after the release of this guideline. Participants could get the corresponding data and tools and start the training process right after their registration. We would like to encourage potential participants to finish the registration as soon as possible.

4.The "Double Blind Evaluation" task is not held this year; the organizer will not provide the Baseline System, corresponding key steps or intermediate result files for the evaluation tasks.

We sincerely hope that this campaign will enhance the cooperation and connections of machine translation research and technology among domestic and overseas research sites, and promote the cooperation between academia and industry.

The sponsor of CWMT 2017 machine translation evaluation is:

Chinese Information Processing Society of China

The organizers of this evaluation are:

Nanjing University

Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

II. Guildlines

For more details, please read the Evaluation Guildlines (pdf, webpage)

III. Registration

We welcome any organization engaged in MT research or development register for the CWMT 2017 evaluation. The participating sites of CWMT 2017 evaluation should fill the registration form and agreement and send it to the organizer by either email or post. The registration form and the agreement should be signed by the person in charge of the participating team/organization, or stamped with the official seal of the team/organization.

The evaluation does not charge any registration fees. Each participant should send at least one person to attend the workshop (CWMT 2017).

Please send the registration form and the agreement to:

Name: HUANG Shujian


Address: Department of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University, 163 Xianlin Avenue, Nanjing 210023, China

Post Code: 210023

Telephone: 025-89680690

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